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ISO Sheep Placenta 18000mg - 30s

ISO Sheep Placenta 18000mg - 30s
ISO Sheep Placenta 18000mg - 30s
Product Code: ISO Sheep Placenta 18000mg - 30s
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ISO Sheep Placenta 18000mg - 30s

Ingredient: ISO (Isoflavone): 15000mg; Sheep Placenta: 3000mg; Carbohydrate (glucid): 50mg; Nito: 370mg; Lysine: 61,54mg; Glycine: 94,06mg; Acid Glutamic: 345,67mg.

Use: Sheep Placenta special support clean freckles, pigmentation marks, dark circles, age spots, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing dry skin and give your skin a fresh, beautiful smooth white. Support breast enlargement for women small breasts, pendulous breasts and reduce stretch marks targets for women after childbirth, toned body, pretty neat.

- Isoflavone support female sex hormone balance, strengthen women's physiology, increased vaginal discharge (such as dryness, pain, burning cold..), regulate the menstrual cycle reduce the symptoms of hot flashes in postmenopausal

(such as dizziness, vertigo, loss of appetite, insomnia lasts, memory loss, mood swings), vigor, prolonged adolescence.
To use: 1 - 2 caps/ day, before sleeping 30 minutes. Recommended for adult women. Using continuous once from 2-3 months

Note: for pre-menopausal women take 2 capsules / day. Storage: dry, cool temperatures below 30 degree, avoid sunlight and out of reach of children. 


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