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Whitening Skin 5 in 1-100s

Whitening Skin 5 in 1-100s
Whitening Skin 5 in 1-100s
Product Code: Whitening Skin 5 in 1-100s
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Whitening Skin 5 in 1-100s

Descriptions: Whitening skin 5 in 1 for whiter your skin naturally beautiful body. Support whitening light from within, preventing the loss of skin, creating new Enzyn, remove skin pigmentation, stem cells free of

melamine harm the skin (brown spots, wrinkles, fine skin inside the body), enhanced physiological Men & Women (hormone). Recuperation, improve liver function, powerful antioxidants help protect the body against the formation of free racicals via the mechanism of vitamin C, E to rejuvenate your skin, bright pink inside. Antidepressant, reduces stress, insomnia & anorexia lasting, hair loss, prevent disease, fight cancer, prolong youth.


How to use: 2 capsule/day, after eating 30 minutes. Recommended for everyone both men and women,

beauty needs, using a time constant of 2-3 boxes

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