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Who Sheep Placenta

SHEEP lanolin lotion Placenta, Collagen, Vitamin
- What are sheep placenta? Extracted from sheep placenta extract, lanolin and vitamins Lanonlin Plus Collagen create unique products, renowned for support of Melasma, Freckles, Bruises and anti-skin-five. With great efficiency of this product are women all over the world preferred & trusted.
- Why should we supplement Collagen? Collagen has close ties to the youth or aging of our skin? After 30 Per year we decreased 1% for fear of collagen. Therefore we must complement the skin's collagen deficiency in essential and extremely important for our bodies. If skin collagen deficiencies we will be punished down makes wrinkles, lingering skin, dark skin, dilated pores skin that's the cause of anti-aging skin spectators.
Collagen is one book Protein accounts for 25% of all proteins in our body, collagen fiber tissue function in our body can form a complete key, so the addition of collagen essential and extremely important.
- What are vitamins? Natural extracted from special treatment effect wrinkles by essences will quickly penetrates deep into the end of the "nooks and crannies" in the skin, increased humidity, creating tension to the skin, removes cells die and regenerate new cells. Additionally, this product has the ability to kill acne, narrow pores and give your skin a toned.
- Is this safe? Sheep placenta + Collagen + Vitamin E - Blossom was Administration & Pharmaceuticals Australia World Health Organization WHO recognize safe for users and unlimited users.
- Ingredients: sheep placenta, marine collagen, vitamin E. Weight: 100g / box
- Use: With unique technology integrated 3 in 1 make up the Lanolin Cream - Sheep placenta + Collagen + Vitamin E is derived from natural and enriched with collagen, Vitamin E, provide a formula Suitable for all skin types. Easily absorbed, penetrating, nourishing, regenerating, improves elasticity, linger value, freckles, dark circles make you a nice smooth white skin firming stretch.
- Usage: Gently massage on face, neck and hands daily, to give your skin a smooth and youthful. Should apply in the morning and at night before sleeping to get best results. Preserved in dry, cool temperatures below 30 ° C, avoid sunshine & out of reach of children.