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Flaxseed_Oil_Omega3,6,9 - 200s

Flaxseed_Oil_Omega3,6,9 - 200s
Flaxseed_Oil_Omega3,6,9 - 200s
Product Code: Flaxseed_Oil_Omega3,6,9 - 200s
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Description:Supports prevention of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressures, atherosclerosis,clots, stroke & heart failures. Helps with eye diseases, such as short-sightedness, Far-sightedness, cataracts especially after eye surgeries to help recover quicker and healthiereyes. Prevents skin aging, liver and skin detoxification after allergies, chemical or food poisonings.

Usage: Take 1-3 capsules daily before meal. Advice for everybody and especially for dieter and two to three months course of treatment is recommended for best result

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